Grove Pet Foods Ltd is the home of the Alpha Feeds and Vitalin brands, producing high quality dry dog food for working and pet dogs.

Alpha Feeds

The Alpha Feeds brand was established in the 1980’s and includes the consistently popular VAT free working dog food, the range is broken down into 3 categories, rest & play, working and performance. This comprehensive range can accommodate for all levels of energy requirements. For more information please visit

Vitalin Pet Food

Vitalin has a strong heritage, dating back to the 1950s. The brand was acquired by Grove Pet Foods in 2011 from previous owners, Kennel Nutrition and is made up of two ranges, the traditional muesli range and the recently rebranded super-premium life stage range. For more details about the Vitalin range please visit

Grove Pet Foods

Grove Pet Foods Ltd was acquired by Cranswick plc and has complete control over the manufacturing process from raw materials entering the site through to distribution of finished packs, ensuring a consistently great product. Being a member of respected trade bodies including the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) and Pet Industry Federation (PIF) also allows us to keep up to date with current legislation and industry best practice.

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